Welcome to our website,

A place with wonderful ideas for family trips. If you are a parent and do not know where to take
your children over the weekend, look no further! Here you will find all sorts of locations,
coordinates, maps, ideas, tips, etc.

We are convinced that it is possible to explore both known and hidden places and corners of
our beautiful Slovenia and at the same time save enough energy for a new working week!

On the Family Trips website, you will find:

● Ideas for short trips to different Slovenian regions.
● The information whether a certain trip is suitable for toddlers in baby strollers or slightly
older children or both.
● A detailed description of the trip locations.
● A free map (GPX) that you can download on your phone.
● Suggestions for restaurants (that are near the trip locations) where you can fill your
hungry tummies and drink some delicious coffee.
● Monthly additions of trips.
● Interesting local legends that you can listen to together with your children on the
phone. Fairy tales, legends and folktales will make your kids even more excited to
explore new places.
● There is even a BONUS: suggest a trip yourself and get a mini prize for your contribution.

We wish you many unforgettable family memories on your trips.

Ana Hudobivnik (Editor in Chief), Matej, Vita, Olja and the dog Juna and
Irena B. Javornik (Project Manager), Rudi, Staš and Mila