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About a Book


  • Together with our mischievous characters, the girls Vita, Olja and the cat Didi, learn why cooking is so fun and creative. 
  • Rock the kitchen while preparing 21 delicious dishes!
  • Follow the recipes and with the help of photos, prepare delicious breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and snacks all by yourself.
  • The book also has tips for simple games that you can play with your friends while cooking.
  • Pay attention to the buttons on the side, which include interesting facts about the food you are preparing.
  • You can also include your own recipes into the book and thus create unforgettable memories of sweet childhood days.

How other people liked our cooking book

What a wonderful, friendly, innovative book - well done! In a very pleasant, cute and friendly way, he guides the young reader through recipes, games, and kitchen adventures. Not only will children be even more happy to grab the kitchen utensils and try new recipes thanks to the large printed letters, also the cat member Didi will surely ensure the cat's mischievous playfulness and attract animal lovers. I like that, in addition to the recipes, the book also teaches about various interesting things that readers can read more about on the Internet by scanning the code. Older readers who are not so skilled in the kitchen and need a super easy recipe to prepare a delicious dish will certainly take up the book. Congratulations on a great book and may it fly among as many young and old readers as possible!
Nežka Kukec, children's writer
There are not many books in the world that give children the desire and knowledge to cook something for themselves. I welcome this book with open arms. For the people of Primorska (a region of Slovenia), cooking is of great importance. Therefore, it is the most important thing in every family, to cook together happily.
Ana Roš Stojan, chef, Hiša Franko
Children who are eager for knowledge and creativity have been given a book that invites them to develop the skills of planning and preparing interesting dishes. When children prepare their own food, they are usually happy to taste it and accept new and unfamiliar dishes more easily, which encourages the formation of healthy eating habits, which are also important for eating in later periods of life. The preparation of the dishes presented in the book encourages children to include a variety of vegetables and fruits in their daily menu, and there is also a dish that can be prepared from edible food scraps, which is important for creating a sustainable way of eating. I am sure that the suitable recipes, the described procedures for the preparation of dishes, attractive photos and the inclusion of stories about animals will encourage children to happily develop their creativity in cooking.
Stojan Kostanjevec. Assistant Professor at the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Education, Department of Biology, Chemistry and Home Economics
A cookbook for parents who will enjoy more respect from their children if they involve them in food preparation. Do not be afraid to tackle homemade recipes together on a daily basis!
Marko Juhant, special education teacher

Now it is time to roll up your sleeves and cook up a storm!

Cooking Up a Storm-eBook- EPub 3

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