Kotel Waterfall 3960

Kotel Waterfall

Region Littoral–Inner Carniola Statistical Region
Starting point By the roadside
Route length 3 km (1.15 miles)
route duration 1 h
Best time to visit summer, early autumn, spring
Appropriate for Baby Carriers , 3-6 years of age , 6+ years of age
Level of difficulty Easy route- very slippery near the waterfall

Route Description


Slovenia has an insane number of waterfalls, lakes and rivers. We just cannot help but marvel at each and every one we see. Not many people know about the Kotel Waterfall. The hiking trail is not marked, but the view is amazing. Come and see it after heavy rain, when the water hums loudly over the cliff.

The headwaters of the Zala Stream (the left tributary of the Iška River) are quite branched and rich in water. This area is also called “Rakitniška grapa”. Numerous smaller tributaries flow into the gorge while the bigger ones create waterfalls. The foot of the Kotel Waterfall is located a few ten meters from the road, on the left side (if we come from the direction of Zala Village). The waterfall is around 30 meters (98 feet) high. It is possible to reach the top via a trail. The water flows easily and leaves behind tufa sediments and forms characteristic puddles.

Drive on the Rakitna-Cerknica (asphalt) main road and when you arrive at the village of Župeno, turn left onto the macadam road towards the village of Sveti Vid. After a while, turn left again towards the village of Zala, where you look for a sign directing you to the left on another macadam road. Leave the car by the roadside and walk about 2.5 kilometres (1.97 miles) on foot. If you wish, you can drive a little further and leave the car on the right (sharp bend) just in front of a bridge.


Interesting Facts

 Until recently, the people of Bloke were considered big cattle sellers, who were present at every Dolenjska or Bela Krajina region fair. They even bought very “skinny” oxen in Croatia, fed them some Bloke hay and then sold them to Trieste or Ljubljana butcheries. Only a memory remains of the said oxen, who were heavily used in farming. The locals erected a sculpture that reminds them of the said past.


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Nearby Restaurants

SNACK BAR BRUNARICA (Brunarica ob Bloškem jezeru)

This place has about 300 seats available (more than 100 under the roof), and for more peace you can find your spot anywhere by the lake. Snack Bar Brunarica serves excellent cold cuts (homemade dried meats, sausages, cheese, vegetable, and bread), spoon dishes ("kaula", potatoes, beans, turnips and cabbage, etc.) and homemade desserts (apple strudel, “štruklji”, dumplings, pancakes). Toddlers (and adults) love to hang out at an A-tested wooden playground.

For the more romantic souls, the staff prepares a picnic basket and the couples can choose their own spot around the lake.

Snack Bar Brunarica is open in summer or by making a prior reservation.

Mila and Staš Recommend

Let us go to Bloke, to see the big Wooden Bear hanging by the lake, woohoooo!

The Bloško jezero Lake (or Bloke Lake) is one of the most popular destinations for family trips! Cyclists, walkers and hikers love to come here to engage in sporting activities. In winter, many ice skaters come here and glide on the lake’s frozen surface. In summer, the warm and fresh water attracts countless avid swimmers. Children can go wild at the playground and parents can cool down with an ice-cream or two :).