Park of Military History - Pivka 4091

Park of Military History - Pivka

Region Littoral–Inner Carniola Statistical Region
Starting point Museum parking lot
Route length It depends :)
route duration 2-3 h
Appropriate for Baby Carriers , 1-3 years of age , 3-6 years of age , 6+ years of age
Level of difficulty Easy route

Route Description

The Pivka Military History Park is a museum that impresses everyone who comes here. It is a fast-growing center, which with its diverse collection of exhibits offers visitors an interesting insight into national history. In addition to the perfectly restored tanks and helicopters, they even have a submarine.

We recommend you book in advance because you can see its interior with a guide. The exhibitions lead us through the history of independence of our young country. A part of the museum has even been arranged in a typical 80's style, which is a source of nostalgia for many families.

The museum also has a huge and well-stocked souvenir shop. After the tour, you can take the children to eat in the restaurant called Kantina, which is located next to the museum.

The modern museum’s collection is constantly growing. On our last visit, they displayed a MIL Mi 8 helicopter. Our dad could not take his eyes off it! As far as access goes, you can get to Pivka by car, but taking a train might be more exciting and adventurous for the whole family. The train station is less than a kilometer away from the museum, and the bus lines run quite frequently even on weekends.

Over the last couple of years, the Park of Military History has experienced an intensive development and quickly became the largest museum complex in the Republic of Slovenia as well as one of the largest military-historical complexes in this part of Europe. It displays various museum exhibits and diverse museum collections which offer visitors a unique insight into Slovenian national history as well as world history. The central part of the Park of Military History is the exhibition entitled “The Road to Independence” presenting the process of gaining independence in the Republic of Slovenia with an emphasis on the independence war of 1991.

Interesting Facts

You can extend your trip by visiting The Alpine Wall Fort on Primož Hill. The Alpine Wall was a fortification system built by the Italian army between the First and Second World Wars. A thematic trail connects the Park of Military History, the former military range at Kota 110 and the Primož Hill. At Kota 110, a system of trenches was built during the First World War and a cavern was dug to train units preparing to fight on the Isonzo battlefield. Its 500 meters of underground tunnels reveal still-preserved battle positions, weapons storage areas and living areas. With advance notice, you can also explore the interior of the forts with a guide.


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Nearby Restaurants

Kantina Restaurant

Here you can indulge in local dishes which are similar to what WWI soldiers ate. They offer all kinds of stews, steaks and salads.

The children loved the interior of the restaurant and the authenticity of the experience since some of the food is served in typical WWI bowls.

Kolodvorska cesta 51,

6257 Pivka

+386 (0)5 757 11 90

Mila and Staš Recommend

Our parents took us on this trip as a surprise because we had a good week (as in: we behaved really nicely ;)), and we really wanted to see the submarine. Her name is Zeta, she is 19 meters (62 feet) long, and she used to spy a lot underwater. The museum received it in 2011 as a gift from the Republic of Montenegro.