Bukovniško Jezero Lake - Dobrovnik 5061

Bukovniško Jezero Lake - Dobrovnik

Region Mura statistical region
Starting point Dobrovnik – parking lot
Route length 3,6 km (2.3 miles)
route duration 1,5-2 h
Best time to visit spring, summer or winter
Appropriate for Baby Strollers , Baby Carriers , 1-3 years of age , 3-6 years of age , 6+ years of age , Dandy Horses, Bikes
Level of difficulty Undemanding route

Route Description


The municipality of Dobrovnik lies in the extreme northeast of the country. It is a popular tourist destination for families, individuals and closed groups. Bukovniško jezero Lake is the most recognizable tourist attraction in the town of Dobrovnik. Its surroundings offer fishing opportunities as well as spots for resting, walking, camping, picnics and sports activities. This artificial accumulation lake, located in Goričko, southeast from the village of Bukovnica, is a result of flood prevention due to regulatory works along the Ledava River and its tributaries. Its average depth is 2-3 meters (7-9 feet), maximal depth 8 meters (26 feet) and its size about 7 hectares. The lake was initially intended for aquaculture, but fishing and sport fishing flourished there as well. It lies next to chestnut-beech forests and it is an important breeding habitat for amphibians. Endangered plants such as the Hydrocharis morsus-ranae and the water chestnut also thrive there.


Interesting Facts

Even the local "witches'' told stories about the chapel of St. Vid, which is located in a forest not far from the lake. Legends tell about the mythological power of the St Vid’s Spring beneath the chapel. Apparently, this spring is a source of wellbeing if one rests near it. In 2001, radiosthetists explored the area and, to their surprise, encountered more than 50 energy points. They found that there are two "lines of power" in the area, the so-called dragon lines, which supposedly intersect exactly where the chapel stands. The 26 energy points were specifically marked and assigned the purpose of treatment and the time required to spend at the effect point. Shortly after they announced the results, people began to flock to the energy park and the surrounding area.

Stop by the 11th point and fill up with vital energy ;)





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Bukovniško jezero -Dobrovnik
Start point coordinates 46,669319

Nearby Restaurants

Okrepčevalnica Cuffi and

Brunarica prekmurskih dobrot


Restaurants are located near to the Bukovniško jezero Lake and it serves up cool shade as well as delicious ice cream and local food. There is something scrumptious for every family member at this little woodland oasis. Mommies can drink their coffee, dads can sip on a cold beer and the kiddos can get their hands on some refreshing ice cream.

Vita, Olja in Juna Recommend

Visit the 26 energy points located by the Bukovniško jezero Lake.

Going on a road trip with the kiddos can be tiring for all mom and dads; this is why we highly recommend visiting the energy points to all the parents out there.