Petanjci Springs-Radenci 5027

Petanjci Springs-Radenci

Region Mura statistical region
Starting point Radenci Spa Resort parking lot
Route length 1 km (0.6 miles)
route duration 0,5 -1 h
Best time to visit All year
Appropriate for Baby Strollers , Baby Carriers , 1-3 years of age , 3-6 years of age , 6+ years of age
Level of difficulty Easy route

Route Description


Although we have been to this part of Slovenia in Slovenia several times, this was our first visit to the Petanjci Springs. The people of Prekmurje region obviously prefer to keep this landmark for themselves, and rightly so. If you go on one of the hiking trails at the Mura, you will definitely see this sight. Access to the spring is not clearly marked, so be careful to not get lost and look at the directions below.

We left our car in the Radenci Spa Resort parking lot and walked towards the bridge over the Mura River. The trail starting point is at the bridge, at the sign that says “ROKAV MURE 2”. Turn left on a macadam road which goes along the Mura River. After about 200 meters (218 yards) you arrive at a fenced spring and information board. Walk just a few steps onwards and discover the beautifully red unfenced spring (covered with dense undergrowth).

The village of Gornji Petanjci has several springs of natural mineral water on the right side of the Mura River. There used to be some on the left side of the Mura all the way to the village of Murski Petrovci, but unfortunately, they dried up.

The Petanj Spring is the most famous of the many springs located in the area. Non-carbonated slatina flows here, which has a rather strong taste of iron, and this is exactly what the world-famous Radenska mineral water contains. Excess water flows into the Mura River and looks like a fiery red landslide. The red/orange color of the floor all around the spring is a real feast for the eyes. We took at least 200 photos of our children standing there.

The water flows from the spring into a small pool, which is fiery red, and from here it flows into the Mura River. The spring is located on an interesting promenade called “Gor pa dol kre Mure” (“Up and down along the Mura River”). The locals have been using the mineral water for many years. Relax a bit at the spring, taste the mineral water and learn something new from the information board standing there. Find the spring with the help of our map, instructions or coordinates: 46.650524, 16.045205.

Oh how beautiful Slovenia is. We just could not help but marvel at the gorgeous nature. Be careful and keep your eye on the kids since the riverbank and the spring soil is wet and muddy.  

We wish you a nice family trip.

Interesting Facts


Have you ever looked at the Radenska Mineral Water label and wondered where it comes from?

The source could be either Kraljevi or Petanjski Springs. The local people used the water from the Petanjci Springs as early as the 18th century. Only the analysis carried out in Vienna at that time showed high levels of minerals and carbon dioxide. According to the Prekmurje people, the authentic recipe for a Spritzer is a mixture of the said mineral water and the local dry wines.

The water from this red spring has a strong taste of iron.

Here is a tip for a slightly longer trip...

In the villages of Petanjci and Murski Petrovci, there used to be large numbers of surface wells of mineral water. The area, which includes the middle course of the Ščavnica and Pesnica rivers and the Municipality of Radenci, has a high concentration of natural mineral water springs. The so-called “Trail along the Springs of Life” (“Pot med vrelci življenja”) goes by here.

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Petanjski vrelec- Radenci
Start point coordinates 46,645388

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Address: Boračeva 54a, 9252 Radenci