The Island of Love 1336

The Island of Love

Region Mura statistical region
Starting point Island of Love parking lot
Route length 1 km (0.10 miles)
route duration 1 h
Best time to visit All year, the restaurant is closed during winter
Appropriate for Baby Strollers , Baby Carriers , 1-3 years of age , 3-6 years of age , 6+ years of age , Dandy Horses, Bikes
Level of difficulty undemanding route

Route Description

Over the centuries, the Mura River playfully created a natural island, which the locals call the Island of Love (“Otok ljubezni”). Everyone living in the immediate and wider surroundings know of the beautiful and unspoiled nature abiding there. The local Tourist Association organizes a myriad of different activities happening on the island, which are interesting to holidaymakers, tourists and casual visitors.

One of such traditional events is the so-called “Bürjaški Dnevi”, which unfolds every second week of August (since 1991). These kinds of traditions are carried out in the spirit of tourist, cultural, ethnological and entertainment events. They are dedicated primarily to the memory of the life and work of people who have lived with this turbulent river for decades. Thus, ancient handicrafts used by the locals from this region are revived.

The Island of Love is lively all-year round: visitors can take a boat ride, which is one of the few still-existing connections between the left and right bank of the Mura River. A special experience is the tasting of an old kind of bread, called the “pajani kruj” by the locals, which is a specialty of this place and can be prepared by anyone on an open fire. It can be paired with a fish dish called “riba na batu”, which is baked on embers in a special way.


Interesting Facts

The latest acquisition of the Island of Love is definitely the only still operating floating mill on the Mura River (and in Slovenia), called “Plavajoči mlin na Muri”. The Island of Love also serves you another specialty, Love Potion, which helps both young and old to realize their most hidden desires.

In any case, everyone must see for themselves the effects and beauties of the Island of Love.





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Otok ljubezni-Ižakovci
Start point coordinates 46,580063

Nearby Restaurants

Gostilna Tonček

A real homely restaurant with interesting and slightly different Prekmurje dishes. After wandering around the region, it feels good to taste the cooking of our grandmothers with a modern twist. Long tradition, new tastes, pleasant ambience, quality and friendly prices all fit into this restaurant.

Panonska 27
9231 Beltinci

041 746 039

(02) 542 22 90

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