Eagle’s Trail (Orlova pot) in Kočevska Reka 793

Eagle’s Trail (Orlova pot) in Kočevska Reka

Region Southeast Slovenia Statistical Region
Starting point Slovenia Forest Service (Zavod za gozdove Slovenije) parking lot
Route length 3 km (1.15 miles)
route duration 1 h
Best time to visit summer, spring, early autumn
Appropriate for Baby Strollers , Baby Carriers , 1-3 years of age , 3-6 years of age , 6+ years of age , Dandy Horses, Bikes
Level of difficulty Easy route

Route Description

The locals discovered a nest of a pair of white-tailed eagles in the village of Kočevska Reka in the 1980s. This happened just a few years after the construction of the dam, which resulted in the creation of Reško jezero Lake. There is one pair of white-tailed eagles constantly present in the area, which often settle and nest near the lakes, which offers a rich source of food.  Many hikers, nature lovers, fishermen, hunters and adrenaline seekers are drawn to the Reško jezero Lake and the nest. The white-tailed eagles are highly susceptible to disturbances, especially during the breeding or nesting season, which is why the trail runs in a part of the reserve that the eagles do not use for breeding or nesting.

The Eagle Trail has been located in Jezero Forest Reserve since the summer of 2017. It has a unique natural wealth, raises awareness of the complexity of ecological processes and the importance of protecting the white-tailed eagles.

We were able to visit the lake observatory; however, the Eagle’s Trail was closed due to repair work on the dam. Our GPX map shows the path from the parking lot to the observatory and to the beginning of the Eagle’s Trail is. The trail was recently reopened for visitors who can now marvel at this beautiful animal together with their kids.


Interesting Facts

The Eagle’s Trail was severely damaged during a windstorm (11-13 December 2017). Several trees fell on the trail and in some parts they were even torn off. In April 2018, the path was under repair and was recently opened again.



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Orlova pot-Kočevska Reka
Start point coordinates 45,575844

Nearby Restaurants

Forest Hunter’s Lodge at Ranch Marina

In the village of Koče near Kočevska Reka, a man named Slavko Hrženjak is creating a large tourist complex named Ranch Marina that is intended for visitors who want to discover the unspoiled nature of Kočevsko. They offer riding school, accommodation, cycling, walks, social events and meetings, as well as local culinary delicacies, including game dishes.

Koče 9,

1332 Koče

Vita, Olja and Juna Recommend

The Kočevje Forest

Kočevsko is the most densely-forested province in Slovenia, as forests cover as much as 91% of its total area.

The virgin forest can be observed by taking the Rog Hiking Trail and the Kočevski Rog Hiking Trail.

Feel how intense nature is in its most primeval form, untouched by humans. These rare remains of ancient times are a special feature of the area and are fascinating for visitors (Source: kocevsko.com website). In the Kočevje region, there is a large number of already marked hiking trails that take you on shorter or longer, even multi-day hikes. Many caves, karst springs, lookouts, giant trees and a diverse wildlife all invite you to discover the mysterious forests of Kočevje.

The most majestic fir tree, which rises 51 metres (167 feet) high into the heights of the Kočevski Rog plateau, is called Debela Jelka or the Queen of Rog (Source: see above). Many other such giants grow in the area that can live up to about 500 years!