Grmečica Waterfall 4372

Grmečica Waterfall

Region Upper Carniola Statistical Region
Starting point Near the village of Nomenj
Route length 1 km (0.10 miles)
route duration 0.5-1 h
Best time to visit summer, autumn, spring
Appropriate for Baby Carriers , 1-3 years of age , 3-6 years of age , 6+ years of age , Bikes
Level of difficulty Easy route

Route Description

How many of you have heard of the Grmečica Waterfall? This beautiful Slovenian pearl is hidden well in the embrace of nature and it blew us away. Slovenia is indeed a country of a thousand waterfalls.

The waterfall is officially 8 meters (26 feet) high, but if we add all its levels, it is altogether 19 meters (62 feet) high. It is located on the stream of the same name, which descends steeply from the Jelovica Plateau towards the Sava Bohinjka River. The picturesque waterfall has a big water flow and is quite loud under normal hydrological conditions.

The access is by road that goes from Bled to Bohinj. The starting point of the route is just before the village of Bohinjska Bistrica, near the village of Nomenj, where the bus station, railway station and the Gostilna pri Matičku Inn are located. However, there are no marked parking spaces. The 20-minute walk takes you through the underpass under the railway line, where you look for the signs that say “Grmečica” and “Emin plavž”. After crossing a footbridge, turn right. A few steps back is a turnoff to the left up the hill, where you can access the upper waterfalls.



Interesting Facts

The Devil’s Bridge in Stara Fužina is a significant technological achievement, built in the second half of the 18th century by Baron Žiga Zois. The bridge crossing the Mostnica River was a challenging construction undertaking. It was built in a single arch of hewn stone and placed over the deep gorge. There is a legend of how the bridge got its name that you can read in the following paragraphs.

An old legend says that the people of Bohinj built a bridge before nightfall, but by the morning, it was completely destroyed. They concluded that the Devil himself should build the bridge. In exchange for the service, the Devil demanded the first soul that crossed it. One peasant had a dog and when the bridge was finished he threw a bone to the other side, and his dog leapt after it. Thus, the Devil received the soul of a dog. In his anger, he thrashed his tail about bringing down the fence but the bridge still stands.





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Start point coordinates 46,285077

Nearby Restaurants

Tripič Restaurant

This is a well-known inn, where children will be delighted with delicious pizzas and friendly waiters :). We liked both the location and the very tasty dishes they served.

Triglavska cesta 13,

4264 Bohinjska Bistrica

(04) 828 01 20

Mila and Staš Recommend

We kids love it if a family trip ends with a jump into the swimming pool. Aquapark Bohinj is an ideal opportunity for the whole family to enjoy the fun. They even have a salt room, which is great for all people with respiratory problems.