Ivarčko jezero Lake just below the St. Ursula Mountain  1175

Ivarčko jezero Lake just below the St. Ursula Mountain

Region Carinthia Statistical Region
Starting point Ivarčko jezero Lake parking lot
Route length 850 m (0.92 miles)
route duration 0,5 h
Best time to visit spring, summer, autumn
Appropriate for Baby Strollers , Baby Carriers , 1-3 years of age , 3-6 years of age , 6+ years of age , Dandy Horses, Bikes
Level of difficulty Easy route

Route Description

Our friends recommended this location for an easy family-friendly trip, suitable for a 3-year-old and even a baby. We have heard many beautiful things about the lake. Upon our visit, we were shocked to discover how little this Slovenian gem of a nature is known. Many people nowadays say that lakes do not needs additional sports activities and tourist infrastructure. The Ivarčko jezero Lake is a remnant of the fact that both tourist and sports activities used to thrive here, but (for a reason unknown to us) everything failed. Only the remains of children's playgrounds, a restaurant, a picnic area by the lake, even a basketball court testify to its past liveliness. Such a shame!

Nevertheless, the nature here is beautiful and definitely worth a visit. The trail around the lake is suitable for children of all ages. Even toddlers who are learning to walk will enjoy toddling around. The village of Podgora has a beautiful forest landscape above the village of Preški Vrh, and this is where the Ivarčko jezero Lake is situated.


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Ivarčko jezero-Kotlje
Start point coordinates 46,506767

Nearby Restaurants

Lokal Punkt

After visiting the lake, we headed for an early lunch and were thrilled with the burgers at the Lokal Punkt restaurant, which also happens to be the first burger joint set up in Carinthia. This is a family-friendly bistro, where parents can enjoy the spacious terrace in peace while they watch their children play carefree on the new 15-m2 playground. In addition to children's burgers and desserts, the menu also includes other kids’ favourites, such as fried chicken fingers and fries, and in summer, an ice cream garden. This restaurant is located in the green village of Kotlje, in the shade of the St. Ursula Mountain, which makes it an ideal starting point for short family trips around the culturally and naturally rich surroundings.

Kotlje 3a,

2394 Kotlje

0820 53177


Vita, Olja and Juna Recommend

Lovro Kuhar (1893-1950), who used the pseudonym of Prežihov Voranc, is one of the most important Slovenian writers. Slovenian poet Oton Župančič describes him: "… a difficult path he had, from grazing and ploughing to foundries and machines, from a peasant shepherd to a worker, from a worker to a conscious socialist and a fighter for the future." His complete works comprise twelve books, which undoubtedly prove Prežih's extraordinary fruitfulness during a time when writing was forbidden by the ruling regime.

As a part of the then Carinthian Museum in Ravne, the Prežihova bajta House, a memorial museum, was opened in 1979. It stands above the village of Kotlje in the village of Preški vrh.

It really is worth a visit!

An old legend talks about this lake, where the Merman (“Jezernik”) lives. He allegedly moved to the lake from Mount St. Ursula (Uršlja gora) when the bells from a newly built church drove him away because they disturbed his peace.

Children, listen to the story!